Yoga is for every body and every body type,


and it’s a practice that’s accessible regardless of what you look like or whether you can touch your toes

So what are the benefits of yoga anyway? And what should I expect from my first class? We’ve got answers to the questions most frequently asked by beginners. If you have a question we haven’t answered get in touch and let us know!


What class should I come to?

Check out our timetable for one of our classes especially for beginners!

Coming to a beginners class means you’ll quickly get familiar with the poses and postures in yoga and feel comfortable going to other classes.


+ I have an injury, an illness, or a bad back, is that ok?

You and your doctor are the best judges of whether or not you’re able to practice yoga. Yoga has been proven to complement and support wellbeing, there are more details about this below.

Always let your teacher know if you have an injury, illness, ache or pain that day. Our teachers will ask you at the start of class, but you can always take them aside privately before class starts. This means the teacher can offer you modifications to make sure you’re safe, supported and getting the most out of your practice.

Your body is always the best teacher, so listen to it. If it doesn’t feel right, or there’s any pain, ease back.

+ What should I wear?

Come dressed in clothes you can move and feel comfortable in. Yoga leggings or bottoms with flatter waistbands feel nice because they won’t dig into your back. Cosy jumpers can be nice at the end of class when you lie down to rest.

+ Do I have to take off my socks?

It feels nicer to practice with bare feet and you’ll be more secure and won’t slip around - but if you don’t feel comfortable taking off your socks, that’s absolutely fine.

+ Do I need to bring a yoga mat with me?

Nope! We have everything you need, but if you want to bring your own yoga mat or yoga towel you can.

+ Do I need to book a class in advance?

We recommend that you book in advance. Booking online is easy, you can either do it on our website or download our app. Find the GloFox app and search for And Exhale Studio.

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Benefits of Yoga

If you’re a beginner, we’re sure you’ve already heard about all the amazing benefits of yoga, and it’s true, there are so many!

Yoga helps build strength and gain flexibility while decreasing stress. Yoga has also been found to improve our respiration, mental health, heart health and sleep quality.

It’s also been successfully used as a complementary therapy to support the treatment of chronic pain, mood disorders, and help lessen some symptoms of illness + the stress that it puts on the body.