When something shifts....

Don’t be alarmed if when you start Yoga, that you may feel emotional. It may be in some asanas (particularly hip openers) or it may be at the end of class in Savasana.

When ‘stuff’ (emotional stuff - traumatic other otherwise) happens it can be stored in the body, you may be able to know in the physical body where, most common places of tension are the shoulders or the lower back (holding stress in these places). However, in Yoga very subtle shifts can happen in all areas of the body.

You can be doing your practice and something very small, very slight has shifted causing all sorts of emotions. This is just a clearing of this blockage, so that prana (life force / breath) can move more freely throughout the body.

When this does happen, just give yourself plenty of time to come back into your physical body, allow all those feelings to come and recover slowly. Stay rooted to the spot till you feel more stable. Get a hot drink or a biscuit. Hopefully you won’t feel embarrassed as we’re all human and we all feel. In our own unique way.

yoga blogAmanda King