EUREKA Moments...


10 Eureka moments in Yoga include: -

  1. When the teacher has been telling you to tuck your tailbone under and you automatically do it.

2. When you don’t fall asleep in Yoga but go to that dreamy place where you feel light and in a dreamy but fully aware state.

3. When you stop listening to the teacher and start listening to your own body.

4. When you ignore your ego and stop trying to get to the next pose and fully appreciate the one you’re in.

5. When you start to notice things about your own body that you never even noticed before.

6. When down dog starts to really feel like a resting pose.

7. When your Yogic breath begins to open up and you get it!! 3 parts to the breath all working together.

8. When you start to move into other forms of Yoga knowing exactly what your body needs at that time.

9. When you know what props you need for your body and enjoy having them there.

10. When your mind and body and breath are so completely in tune that you feel so flipping’ cosmically in balance.

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