+ Can I come if I’ve never done Yoga before?

Yes, the beginners class welcomes beginners. There are clear instructions, gentle movements where we cover the basic Yoga asanas (postures) and pranayama (breath work).

+ Can I just drop in if I haven’t booked?

Yes, you can always drop in, you are always welcome. Please arrive 10-15 minutes earlier so we can process your booking.

+ Is there anywhere to park?

Yes, there is parking outside - in the evenings you can park wherever you can find a spot and in the day try on the lane, or over the bridge to the left. You can park on the lane near the houses. However please do not park in front of the red building or around it as this is private.

+Do I have to bring my own mat?

No, everything is provided. We are a fully equipped studio. If you have a preference to your own mat, please feel free to bring and use it.

+ Can I come if I have an injury?

Depending on the injury and your recovery – please speak to the teacher before the session so that you practice safely.